2020 Shouts: YTD  Total 40  Plus 10 stand down


30th Dec ILB tasked to a report of red flares in the River Taw nr Fremington. False alarm.

crew A Atkinson (Helm) J Pavitt S A Clark M Rowe 

27th Dec ILB Tasked to a kite surfer in distress nr the station.

Crew M Williams (Helm) J Pavitt R ward N Cousins

24th Dec BB Tasked to a body on the river bank at Barnstaple.

29th Nov ILB Launched to 1 person and a dog cut off by the tide on Zulu Bank.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) M Williams S A Clark N Simmons

5th Nov BB Recovered person Stuck in Mud Nr the station

Crew O Atkinson (Helm) M Cox

31st oct ILB Launched to a kite surfer in the River Torridge

Crew M Williams (Helm) N Ayres R Ward S A Clark

28th Oct BB to assist ILB with below service

Crew S McCarthy (Helm) D Elesmore P Atkinson

28th Oct ILB Launched to 4 Kayakers in difficulty off Instow 

Crew O Atkinson (Helm) J Pavitt A Atkinson

12th Oct ILB Launched to stand by off Baggy Pt To a Coasteerer in difficulty .

Crew S McCarthy (Helm) M Rowe N Simmons C Chessum

10th Oct All Weather Boat Tasked to assist Clovelly with a missing person. All boats stood down soon after launching.

Crew M Cox (Cox) O Atkinson N Simmons D Atkinson M Rowe D Elsemore

19th ILB Tasked to a swimmer in difficulties at Saunton. Swimmer saved by others and lifeboat stood down after launching.

Crew A Atkinson (Helm) S McCarthy M Williams R Ward

17th All weather tasked to incident below.

Crew M Cox (Cox) J Pavitt S McCarthy R Ward A Atkinson D Atkinson R Coburn

17th sept ILB Tasked to a possible Climber in difficulties at Baggy Pt. Climber safe and well ashore

Crew N Ayres (Helm) S Moles N Simmons M Rowe

2nd Sept All weather boat Tasked to incident below.

Crew M Cox (Cox) G Stanbury (Mech) J Pavitt M Williams D Elsemore N Simmons 

2nd Sept ILB Tasked to a Missing person thought to have entered the water at Croyde. Person found ashore safe and well.

Crew A Short (Helm) S Moles R Coburn R Ward

28th Aug Boarding Boat Tasked to a small vessel aground with 2 pob between the 2 bridges River Torridge. Boat Located and towed to its moorings.

Crew S McCarthy (Helm) R Coburn N Simmons 

24th Aug Boarding Boat Tasked in service below.

Crew M williams (Helm) J Pavitt R Coburn

24th Aug ILB Tasked to search the River Torridge for a missing person

Crew S McCarthy (Helm) N Cousins N Simmons M Rowe

5th Aug ILB Tasked to a person in the water at Saunton, casualty recovered by Lifeguard as ILB arrived on scene.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) N Simmons S Moles R Coburn

22nd July BB Tasked to assist ILB to incident below

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) S Moles  M Williams

22nd July ILB Tasked to an Injured male on the River Bank between Fremington and Yelland

Crew O Atkinson (Helm) N Simmons M Rowe R Coburn

19th July ILB Tasked to a person in the water at Bideford.

Crew A Short (Helm) J pavitt N ayres A Hallett

Tamar-class Lifeboat

15th July All weather Boat Tasked to assist with an Injured person Nr Hartland Pt Lt House

Crew M Cox (Cox) O Atkinson (Mech) J Pavitt C Chessum N Simmons R Coburn M Rowe

28th June Boarding boat also tasked to incident below.

Crew A Short (Helm) S McCarthy, P Atkinson

28th June ILB launched to search the River Torridge for a missing female, casualty soon located by others soon after launching.

Crew J pavitt (Helm) G Stanbury, M Williams.

27th June ILB launched to a 24ft yacht with 2 pob, suffering engine failure outside Bideford Bar, yachts crew did not want to sail in the river as unsure of the area, so the ILB towed them to the Quay for repairs.

Crew M williams (Helm) S McCarthy, M Rowe, D Elsemore.

25th June ILB launched following a report of a female in the water at Bideford, while arriving on scene it was confirmed the female had been recovered from the water, the ILB crew got confirmation from the local CG team, when the casualty collapsed, she was given aid by the crew until arrival of paramedics.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) G Stanbury, A short, R Coburn.

22nd June ILB launched to a report of 2 persons caught in a RIP Tide off Saunton beach, while en-route it was confirmed that other surfers had helped the casualties ashore, but there may be 4 others in difficulties. On arrival the area was searched with no others thought to be in trouble, ILB returned to station.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) N Simmons R ward R Coburn.

1st June ILB launched to a person caught in the tide off the Pulley's. Casualty recovered from the water and brought back to the station for medical treatment by paramedics.

Crew A short (Helm) J Pavitt, S AC.

Tamar-class Lifeboat

26th May ALB also tasked to Incident Below

Crew M Cox ( Cox) O Atkinson ( Mech) S McCarthy, C Chessum, A Atkinson,D Atkinson N Cousins

26th May ILB Tasked to search with other units to a report of 4 surfers lost in fog off Woolacombe Beach, with nothing found all units were stood down.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) R Coburn C Beer N Simmons

25th may ILB was launched following a report of a bike found at the foot of cliff at Cornbrough beach westward Ho, One crew member went ashore and searched the area for a possible casualty. With nothing found the ILB was stood down.

Crew A Short (Helm) R Ward M Rowe A Chiles

20th May Within minutes of recovering the ILB was launched again to a female in the water in difficulties at Puttsbrough, but the female was recovered from the water by others while the lifeboat was nearing the scene, the ILB was stood down when confirmed all was safe and well.

Crew G stanbury (Helm) Stu AC, M Williams.

20th May ILB launched to 2 persons cut off by the tide off Fremington Quay, casualties landed ashore safe and well.

Crew G Stanbury (Helm) Stu AC, Mark W 

9th May ILB Diverted on the way back to station to Investigate a object in the water off westward Ho, Object identifed as a large tree, Navigation warning broadcasted by Coastguard

9th May ILB launched to a paddle board and kayak in difficulties off Baggy Point. When ILB arrived on scene the casualties had swam ashore with the paddle board and let the kayak to drift. ILB recovered the kayak and paddle board and returned them to the owners who had scrambled up the rocks to Coastguards.

Crew S McCarthy (Helm) A Hallett A Short

4th May ILB launched following a report of a small red hulled boat between Instow and Appledore drifting. ILB searched area with nothing found. Poss Local FV drifting awaitng tide to go alongside Quay.

Crew Stu M (Helm) Stu Ac P Atkinson

19th April BB launched to search the River Torridge from the station to Bideford quay and back, person soon located safe and well inland.

Crew J pavitt (Helm) M Rowe R Coburn

18th Jan ILB launched to search for a missing person, and to search between Saunton and Baggy Point. search called off after 2 hours with nothing found.

Crew S McCarthy (Helm) N Simmons R Ward D Elsemore

17th Jan ILB tasked to a possible person in the water at Fremington quay. Object was discovered to be a blue can. False alarm with good intent.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) Stu M R Ward M Rowe

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat    00/01/20 TEST 2



Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 00/01/20 TEST

Crew O Atkinson (Helm) J Pavitt S McCarthy  







Tamar-class Lifeboat


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat