2016 Shouts. (Year Totals:48+5 stand downs)


Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 03.12.16 BB Launched to assist in a Police incident at Barnstaple.

Crew M Williams (Helm) N Cousins S McCarthy D Elsemore. 



 Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 03.12.16 ILB Launched to a report of 2 persons possilby on a paddleboard being blown out to seal off Saunton sands. The ILB soon located the casualty, who infact was in difficulty, but the other was paddling out to help. The ILB recoverd the casualty and landed them ashore at Saunton to waiting CG.

Crew A Atkinson (Helm) Glyn Stanbury SA Clark N Cousins. 



Tamar-class Lifeboat 03.12.16 ALB Launched to recover a 24 ft yacht adrift somewhere between Baggy pt and Lundy Island, the vessel was located by the ALB and towed back to Appledore, and placed on a mooring for its owner to collect.

Crew M Cox (Cox) S Watts (Mech) S McCarthy J Pavitt S Ayres D Elsemore



 Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 13.11.16 BB  Launched to a vessel on fire in the River Taw nr Fremington, on arrival of the BB, it was found to be a small boat full of timber set alight. As the boat was aground, fire fighters were taken out and the fire extinguished, the burnt out vessel was left in its position.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) A Short SA Clark P Atkinson


Tamar-class Lifeboat  12.11.16 ALB Tasked to same incident Below incase Y-Class was needed to get the casualty off the beach, but this was done by helicopter while the lifeboats stood by.

Crew M Cox (Cox) S Watts (Mech) S McCarthy D Elsemore J Tattersall S Ayres


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 12.11.16 ILB Launched to assist CG at Westward Ho! who were dealing with a cliff faller, and the tide was going to cut them off. ILB stood off incase it was required.

Crew M Williams (Helm) SA Clark Glyn Stanbury R Ward


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 23.10.16 ILB Launched following Multiple yacht capsizes off Appledore Quay during a race.

Crew A Short (Helm) D Elsemore R Coburn S Moles                                       


Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 23/10/16 BB Assist ILB in Multiple yacht capsizes off Appledore Quay during a race.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) S Ayres R Ward


Tamar-class Lifeboat 11/10/16 ALB Launched to a report of 4 persons cut off by the tide at the North end of Saunton, on arrival of the ALB, it was discovered that  a casualty had injured himself, and required to be removed from the rocks along with a paramedic. This was done using the Y-class inflatable carried on the ALB.

Crew M Cox(Cox) S Watts (Mech) S McCarthy SA Clark R Coburn N Ayres


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 02/10/16 ILB launched to a vessel seen adrift off Westward Ho! beach, on arrival of the ILB, it was found the vessel a 16ft cabin cruiser had broken from its moorings. the boat was towed back to Appledore.

Crew  N Ayres (Helm) SA Clark P Atkinson N Cousins



Tamar-class Lifeboat 25/09/16 ALB launched to same incident to back and assist ILB.

Crew J Pavitt (Cox) S Moles (Mech) D Atkinson M Williams Glyn Stanbury D Elsemore S McCarthy


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 25/09/16 Launched following a Mayday from 2 small yachts in Bideford Bay. One had capsized with a Manoverboard, On arrival of the ILB the casualty had been recoverd and the yacht righted. Both were escorted back to Appledore.

Crew A Short (Helm) A Hallett R Coburn

Tamar-class Lifeboat24/09/16 Launched to a yacht with 4 pob, having lost its engine overboard in strong winds in the River Torridge, the Local ferry had taken off 2 children and stood by until the ALB arrived. Casualty was taken in tow back to its moorings at Instow.

Crew J Pavitt (Cox) S Moles (Mech) A Hallett D Atkinson N Cousins S McCarthy.

Tamar-class Lifeboat 22/09/16 Launched in the service below, along with Coastguards and CG Helicopter.

Crew M Cox (Cox) J pavitt (Mech) N Ayres G Stanbury Glyn Stanbury J Musgrave N Cousins


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 22/09/16 Launched following a report of a paraglider crashing into the sea off Baggy Pt, after a thorougher search of the area. All search units were stood down. (False Alarm with good Intent)

Crew A Atkinson (Helm) A Hallett A Short.

Tamar-class Lifeboat 22/09/16 Launched following several 999's of a capsized catamaran off Westward Ho! beach. On arrival it was found to be part of a catarmarine which had washed off the banks of the River Caen.

Crew M Cox (Cox) G Stanbury (Mech) A Atkinson S Watts Glyn Stanbury J Pavitt


Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 14/09/16 Launched again while refuelling, following a call to the station from a Fisherman, that a 18ft boat was seen drifting past him, Vessel had no-one aboard and was towed back to the station.

Crew A short (Helm) A Hallett D Elsemore.


Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat14/09/16 Launched to assist ILB in the service below.

Crew S Watts (Helm) A Hallett D Elsemore R Ward


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 14/09/16 Launched to search for 2 males in an Inflatable dinghy somewhere between crow pt and Bideford Bar. Casulty was found on the south tail nr the Bar(Westward Ho side). Vessel was towed back to Appledore as it suffered engine failure.

Crew A Short (Helm) N Ayres S McCarthy R Coburn


Tamar-class Lifeboat 05/09/16 Launched to take over a tow from Clovelly ILB, of a 8 mtr Catamaran with 1 pob, suffering from engine & steering failure.

Crew M Cox (Cox) G Stanbury (Mech) A Atkinson S Ayres SA Clark R Ward S McCarthy


Tamar-class Lifeboat28/08/16 Launched to tow a 6.5 Mtr Angling boat with 2 pob back from Baggy Point with engine failure.

Crew M Cox (Cox) S Moles ( Mech) A Hallett Stu AC M Williams D Elsemore


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat27/08/16 Launched to report of 3 males cut off by the tide at Saunton.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) S Ayres Glyn Stanbury S McCarthy


Tamar-class Lifeboat17/08/16 Launched to take over a tow from Clovelly ILB of a 8 Mtr Angling Boat, Vessel was taken to its moorings off Instow.

Crew J Pavitt (Cox) S Watts (Mech) P Atkinson R Coburn S McCarthy N Cousins.


Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 16/08/16 Launched to a report of 2 persons and 2 dogs cut off by the tide on Zulu Bank. On arrival of the BB no-one could be seen on the bank, so BB returned to station. (False Alarm)

Crew N Ayres S Ayres N Cousins


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 15/08/16 Launched to recover small Rib adrift off Westward Ho, after casualties were taken off by lifeguards.

Crew A Atkinson (Helm) S Ayres P Atkinson J Tattersall


Tamar-class Lifeboat14/08/16  person in water Appledore Quay.

Crew Various as alongside for local Regetta.


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat07/08/16 Surfer caught in a rip tide at Saunton Beach.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) A Hallett R coburn Glyn Stanbury


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat07/08/16 Launched to a 17ft boat swamped on the Bar, Vessel escorted to safety.

Crew A short (Helm) G Stanbury R Coburn N Cousins.


Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 02/08/16 Launched to a report of a male in the water, having fallen out of his boat off Sandridge, on arrival of the Boarding boat the male was ashore, safe and well. The BB recovered his drifting boat.

Crew G stanbury (Helm) S Moles Glyn Stanbury


Tamar-class Lifeboat 26/07/16 Launched to a Medivac on Lundy Island, for a female who had fallen and broke her wrist, The female was landed back at Appledore, and taken to Hospital for treatment.

Crew M Cox (Cox) O Atkinson (Mech) J Tattersall R Coburn S A Clark S McCarthy S Watts


Tamar-class Lifeboat23/07/16 Launched to Recover a Body in the River Taw, Body was recoverd by the Y-Class and taken back to station.

Crew M Cox (Cox) J Pavitt (Mech) S McCarthy S Moles Glyn Stanbury D Elsemore A Hallett.


Tamar-class Lifeboat 06/07/16 Launched to a 60 ft Narrow Boat, in Danger of capsizing off Hartland Pt, with 2 POB. Vessel was escorted to Bude and handed over to Bude ILB who escorted the vessel into the Bude canal later that evening.

Crew M Cox (Cox) O Atkinson (Mech) M Williams G Stanbury Glyn Stanbury J Pavitt S Moles


Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat29/06/16 Launched to assist in a search for a missing person in the River Taw. After a 2 hr search and nothing found the BB returned to station.

Crew O Atkinson (Helm) J Pavitt S Moles N Cousins.


Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 13/06/16 Launched to conduct a search   from the station to the Iron Bridge, for a missing female, while at Bideford the casualty was found safe and well, and all units were stood down.

Crew G Stanbury (Helm) M Williams N Cousins S McCarthy.


Tamar-class Lifeboat 10/06/16 Launched along with Ilfracombe lifeboat to search for a missing Motor vessel lost in fog, between Ilfracombe and Appledore. The vessel was soon located by Ilfracombe lifeboat off Bull point, and the Appledore boat was stood down.

Crew J Pavitt (Cox) O Atkinson (Mech) D Atkinson M Williams SA Clark C Beer S McCarthy


Tamar-class Lifeboat 06/06/16 Launched to back up ILB on service Below.

Crew M Cox (Cox) O Atkinon (Mech) G Stanbury M Williams C Beer J Pavitt.


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 06/06/16 Launched to a report of 4-6 persons caught in a Rip-tide at Croyde beach, ILB was stood down en-route, as others helped casualties from the water.

Crew A Short (Helm) SA Clark P Atkinson S McCarthy


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 31.05.16 Launched to a small yacht, found to be adrift nr to the shipyard, the vessel was taken in tow, and placed on nr by moorings.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) SA Clark N Cousins C Beer


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 30/05/16 Launched to a 18 ft speedboat with 2 pob, at anchor with engine failure at the back of the south tail. The vessel was taken in tow back to it's moorings at Instow.

Crew M Williams (Helm) A Hallett Glyn Stanbury R Ward


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat29/05/16 Launched following a report of 2 persons in the water, after abandoning their jet ski, due to a fire. The ILB located the jet ski nr the pullies and the 2 persons in the water made shore safe and well, they were brought out to the ILB by the lifeguards, and the Jet ski was towed was towed back to Appledore.

Crew A Short (Helm) A Hallett S Ayres M Williams.


Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat26/05/16 Member of the Public informed the station personal as they were comming ashore from the ALB, of a large yacht adrift off Instow, the Yacht was soon located, a 28ft cat, which was taken in tow back to it's moorings at Instow by the boarding boat.

Crew M Cox and O Atkinson


Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 13/05/16 Launched following several calls to the CG of 3 males in the water off the Beaver Inn, 2 made shore safe and well, the other being swept up river. The boarding Boat recovered one person from the water and landed him ashore, and gave safety advice.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) G Stanbury A Short


Tamar-class Lifeboat 11/05/16 18:56 Launched to assist a lone yachtsman in the Bay, with engine failure, and lack of wind, vessel towed in to Appledore for repairs.

Crew M Cox (Coxn) O Atkinson (Mech) A Atkinson A Short D Elsemore R Coburn S McCarthy


 Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 07/04/16 22:34 Launched to a submerged Vehicle nr Crow Pt. Everyone was accounted for and the Vehicle was stuck in mud on the earlier tide.

Crew A Short (Helm) J Pavitt M Williams R Coburn


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 17/03/16 14:14 hrs Launched to Broken down RIB, nr to the Lifeboat Station with 2 pob. Vessel taken in to back to Churchfields slipway.

Crew M Williams (Helm) O atkinson S McCarthy J Tattersall



Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 29/02/13 18:53 hrs Launched to a Police Incident in Barnstaple, The Boarding Boat and the CG's plus the Police searched the area for approx 2 hrs before returning to station.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) O Atkinson R Coburn M Williams



Tamar-class Lifeboat 28.01.16  23:08 Hrs Launched to standby a 91mtr Coaster with engine failure nr to Hartland Pt. Appledore Lifeboat stood by in Clovelly until 08:00 on the 29th. Along with Padstow LB, the ship was held and monitored, until taken in tow by a Dutch warship. Vessel was taken to Lundy Island. Appledore Lifeboat,did a crew change at Clovelly, and went back out to relieve the Padstow LB to allow it too RTS. Appledore escorted the warship and Tow to Lundy Rds, until a Salvage tug arrived on Satuarday the 30th to tow the Coaster to Swansea for repairs. Wind at the time was SSW 7/9 with a heavy sea, and poor vis in rain. Wind veered to the NW on the 30th  F7/8.

Crew First 17hrs  (Cox) O Atkinson) (Mech )S Watts Crew D Thompson D Elsemore G Stanbury

Crew Sec 17thrs (Cox) M Cox & J Pavitt (Mech) N Ayres Crew S A Clark D Atkinson S McCarthy 


25.01.16 Crew paged to a report of 4 MOD personnel in the water off Saunton. Crew were stood down, as others helped them ashore safe and well 


 Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat07.01.16 13:35 Launched to a 23 ft boat, with a fouled prop the higher side of the Old Bideford Bridge with 2 pob. Vessel was secured to a mooring, and the occupants taken off.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) C Beer S McCarthy


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