2015 Shouts. (Year Totals:48+4 stand downs)



Atlantic 75 Lifeboat28.11.15 08:23 Tasked to 1 boat adrift in the River Torridge between Instow & Appledore. Boat was towed to safety, soon after another boat was located , but was washed ashore before the ILB could take it in tow. Crew secured the vessel before returning back to station.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) N Ayres J Atkinson SA Clark.

 Atlantic 75 Lifeboat26.10.15 12:25 Launched to a 999 report of a Kite surfer in Difficulties at the N end of Saunton Beach, On arrival to the area, the ILB searched, along with Lifeguards. casualty was soon found in the shallows, and asisted ashore by the LGs, safe and well.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) D Atkinson J Atkinson S Moles.

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat22.10.15 20:15 Tasked to an Incident nr the Torridge Bridge at Police request.

Crew A Short (Helm) N Ayres M Williams SA Clark.

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 19.10.15 20:10 Tasked to Incident with ALB& ILB but was stood down soon after dropping crew on to ALB.

Tamar-class Lifeboat 19.10.15 20:10 ALB tasked to same incident as ILB and BB but was stood down on Moorings.


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat19.10.15 20:10 Tasked with the ALB/BB to search the River for 2 overdue kayakers who were paddling from Saunton to Barnstaple. Casualties found safe and well soon after launching, at RMB Chivinor.

Crew A Short (Helm) SA Clark S McCarthy

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 10.10.15 14:52 Tasked by the cox'n at the end of the previous service, to go to a yacht which had grounded on rocks north of the station,The owner of the Yacht was given advice by the Helm, to get him back into Deeper water, and to continue on his way up River.

Crew as of previous service.

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 10.10.15 13:35 Launched to a Broken down fishing boat, which had put out a Pan Pan off Baggy Pt. The fishing boat with 2 POB, was taken in tow by another vessel and handed over to the ILB on its arrival. The fishing boat was towed back to Appledore.

Crew Je Pavitt (Helm) N Ayres N Cousins S McCarthy.

Tamar-class Lifeboat 24.09.15 17:03 Launched a yacht, who declared a Mayday, off of Bucks Mills following engine failure,and drifting towards shore. with 2 POB.Soon Down graded to a Pan Pan on arrival of Clovelly ILB, and Appledore ALB. Vessel was towed to Clovelly, by the ALB.

Crew M Cox (Cox) G Stanbury (Mech) D Atkinson J Atkinson M Williams Glyn Stanbury J Pavitt.

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 23.09.15 13:15 Launched to a capsized dinghy in the River Taw at yelland with 2 pob, On arrival of the ILB one person had been swept away by the tide. ILB located casualty, and landed ashore as First aid was required. Dinghy made shore with 1 pob safe and well.

Crew M Williams (Helm) J Pavitt N Ayres N Cousins.

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 20.09.15 09:38 Launched to Back up ILB in case of having to go above Barnstaple bridge. (see Below)

Crew G Stanbury A Hallett Glyn Stanbury

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 20.09.15  09:35 Launched to a report of a red flare in the River Taw at Barnstaple. Culprit fired flare as a Joke, and was Cautioned by police on scene.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) A Short S McCarthy

Tamar-class Lifeboat 16.09.15 11:27 Launched to Investigate of a small boat drifting between Bull Pt and Morte Pt. On arrival a small 14ft Dinghy was spotted drifting, with No person onboard. Vessel taken in tow back to Appledore.

Crew M Cox (Cox) G Stanbury (Mech) A Atkinson D Atkinson Glyn Stanbury S McCarthy.

Tamar-class Lifeboat 14.09.15 08:55 Launched to assist in Multi Agency search from Hartland Point to Speaks Mill. For a missing Male. Seabourne search was terminated after 2 hrs due to bad weather conditions. Male found 2 hrs later safe and well.

Crew M Cox (Cox) G Stanbury (Mech) J Pavitt S Moles Glyn Stanbury N Cousins S McCarthy.

 Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 13.09.15 16:05 Launched to a report of a RIB with 3 pob drifting off Baggy Pt, On arrival it was a kayak, which had drifted ashore. With help of a RWC,and Lifeguards, all were taken aboard the ILB, and landed ashore at Croyde beach.

Crew A Short (Helm) G Stanbury S A Clark Glyn Stanbury. RWC Freddie Hedger.

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat07.09.15 14:40 Launched to a 16ft boat with engine problems, and 4 pob half a mile from the Bar Buoy. Vessel was taken in tow back to churchfields slipway.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) D Atkinson S Moles S McCarthy

Tamar-class Lifeboat 05.09.15 13:00 Launched to the FV Lady of Lundy, taking water through a propeller shaft 2 miles N of the Fairway Buoy. Vessel with 2 POB were towed back to Appledore to make repairs.

Crew M Cox (Cox) N Ayres (Mech) D Atkinson M Williams R Ward A Short S Moles


Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat29.08.15 03:00 Launched to a Multi agency Incident off Bideford Quay.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) S A Clark A Hallett M Williams     

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 12.08.15 19:23 Launched  to Jet ski broken down nr the Middle Ridge buoy, vessel taken in tow to Churchfields carpark slipway.

Crew A Short (Helm) A Hallett P Atkinson N Cousins.

Tamar-class Lifeboat 11.08.15 19:50 Launched to a Yacht off Lundy Island, as the Owner had fallen in the water, and had been airlifted, by Helicopter to NDDH. Vessel was towed back to Appledore and placed on Moorings.

Crew O Atkinson (Cox ) S Watts (Mech) D Atkinson J Atkinson A Atkinson S Moles N Cousins R Ward S McCarthy

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 09.08.15 18:25 Launched to a report of a missing surfer off of Croyde Beach. ILB stood down on arrival, as surfer had been spotted by the helicopter safe and well heading for the shore.

Crew G Stanbury (Helm) A Short S Ayres N Cousins.

Tamar-class Lifeboat 09.08.15 18:25 Launched to a report of a missing surfer off Croyde. ALB soon stood down as surfer had been found by helicopter safe and well, and heading for the shore.

Crew O Atkinson (Cox) N Ayres (Mech) D Atkinson Glyn Stanbury S McCarthy J Pavitt

Tamar-class Lifeboat 08.08.15 12:02 Launched to a broken down motor boat with 2 POB, 5 miles off Croyde Beach, vessel taken in tow to Instow.

Crew O Atkinson (Cox) S A Clark (Mech) A Hallett Glyn Stanbury S McCarthy.

 Tamar-class Lifeboat 04.08.15 19:57 Launched to Investigate, an unidentified floating object of Baggy/ Croyde. Object Identified as a large cable drum, which was washed ashore, as ALB arrived on scene.

Crew O Atkinson (Cox) S Watts (Mech) S Moles N Cousins C Beer R Ward J Tattersall

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 03.08.15 20:33 Launched to a swimmer possibly in difficulty of Baggy point. Units stood down after launch, as swimmer was safe and well, and under observation by CG.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) A Hallett G Stanbury Nick Ayres

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 26.07.15 12:57 Launched to a Dog on a sandbank, also possible the owner could have been collapsed on bank, as visabilty was poor in heavy rain. ILB located the animal, but no-one else around. Dog was taken to safety, and the area was searched by CG's and lifeboat, before returning to station.

Crew N Ares (Helm) N Cousins S McCarthy D Elsemore


Tamar-class LifeboatAtlantic 75 Lifeboat 10.07.15  22:30  Gave Casualty care treatment to first Informant. who had slipped on rocks Breaking her ankle, helping CG's with first incident.

Crew as of first incident.

Tamar-class Lifeboat10.07.15 22:00  Tasked to assist 2 kayakers off Westward Ho. along with the ILB. Kayakers made shore on their own assisted by the first informant.

Crew O Atkinson (Cox) S A Clark (Mech) M Williams S McCarthy C Beer D Foster.

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat10.07.15 22:00  Launched to 2 kayakers in difficulty off Westward Ho, Casualties made shore, assisted by first informant, as ILB arrived on scene.

Crew G Stanbury (Helm) J Pavitt A Short S Moles.

Tamar-class Lifeboat 01.07.15 21:29  Tasked to back up ILB, but stood down, as departing moorings.

Crew M Cox (Cox) O Atkinson (Mech) J Pavitt D Atkinson M Williams S A Clark S McCarthy.

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat01.07.15  21:27 Launched to 3 surfers in Difficulty off Croyde beach, while en-route the surfers made shore safe and well, and all units were stood down, once CG on scene confirmed.

Crew N Ayres G Stanbury A Short R Ward.

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 22.06.15 20:15 While on Exercise the ILB was diverted to a broken down boat off of Yelland Jetty with 1POB. Vessel was taken in Tow back to the River Caen (Braunton)

Crew M Williams (Helm) O Atkinson S Moles DOM

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 18.05.15 19:25 Launched following observation by station Cox, of 3 kayakers capsized close to the station, ILB recoverd 2 Kayakers and their Kayaks, the 3rd was recoverd by the Instructor. All were landed at Churchfields slipway.(Wind W 7/8)

Crew G Stanbury (Helm) A Hallett A Short S A Clark

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat16.05.15 19:35Launched to a report of a windsurfer loosing his sail off Saunton Sands, after a  search of the area and nothing found the ILB was stood down.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) A Hallett A Short S A Clark

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 22.04.15 19:05 Launched to a person in the water, under the Old Bideford Bridge. As the Boarding Boat arrived on scene the casualty had been taken from the water by Coastguards.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) A Hallett S A Clark Glyn Stanbury.

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat17.04.15 18:28 Launched to a 15 ft cabin cruiser with engine problems, and taking water off Bideford Quay. All Persons manage to get ashore, but the ILB was tasked as a preventive measure. The casualty was pumped out using the salvage pump.

Crew A Atkinson (Helm) D Atkinson S Moles S A Clark.

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 14.04.15 00:25 Launched to an Incident at Bideford Quay.

Crew A Short (Helm) S Moles S A Clark P Atkinson

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat07.04.15 15:15 Launched to a missing surfer off of Saunton, as ILB was proceeding, the surfer came ashore safe and well.

Crew A Atkinson (Helm) G Stanbury Glyn Stanbury N Cousins.

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat31.03.15 17:40 Launched to a kiteboarder in difficulties close to the station. Boarder and kit,were picked up and returned to the shore at Skern.

Crew A Short (Helm) S McCarthy D Elsemore C Beer

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 23.02.15 14:13 Launched following a request from the police of a suspected body, on a sandbank off Little America (River Torridge), on arrival of the Boarding boat, the casualty turned out to be 2 plastic barrels . False Alarm with good intent.

Crew G Stanbury (Helm) S Moles N Cousins D Elsemore 

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 23.02.15:09:30 Launched to assist the ILB, in searching for a Missing Female, The Boarding boat searched the area of the River Torridge from Iron Bridge to Bideford New Bridge both sides of the River

Crew G Stanbury (Helm) D Atkinson

 Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 23.02.15 09:29 Launched to search for a missing female, ILB to search the River Taw, from yelland to Fremington Quay. with nothing found the boat was stood down. ( Female was found safe and well later)

Crew  A Atkinson (Helm) P Atkinson S McCarthy

Appledore RNLI Boarding BoatAtlantic 75 Lifeboat 20.02.15 09:05 Launched to a 16ft Cabin Cruiser drifting down by the pullies, reported by the ILB while on another service, vessel taken in tow with no-one onboard, ILB, re-tasked to take tow over from BB due to the strength of the tide.

Crew S Watts (Helm) N Cousins D Atkinson
 Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 20.02.15 09:00 Launched to Investigate a small tender drifting out to sea near the Bar. Tender broke up on the Bar, as crew were preparing a Tow. (see above service)

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) S McCarthy A Atkinson


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