2022 Shouts:

YTD  Total: 13  
Stand Downs: 9 (Where Crew are paged but incident was resolved before Launching)



02/06/22 ILB was tasked to Investigate a yellow object in the sea off westward Ho! beach. Object was found to be a wave buoy (False alarm with good intent).

Crew  S McCarthy D Elsemore M Williams M Rowe

15/05/22 ILB tasked to a report of a small houseboat on fire nr Chivinor, On arrival it was found that water was getting onto the exhaust system creating a lot of steam (False alarm)

Crew A Short(Helm) R Coburn N Simmons S A Clark

05/05/22 ILB tasked to investigate Red flares around the Bar. (False alarm with good intent)

Crew S McCarthy(Helm) J Pavitt M Williams M Rowe

22/04/22 ILB tasked to a 2oft fishing boat with 2 POB with a fouled prop on the Bar. vessel was towed back to Instow.

Crew A Atkinson Helm) S McCarthy N Simmons D Elsemore

18/04/22 ILB was tasked to a DSC Distress Alert off Appledore Quay (False Alarm)

Crew A Atkinson (Helm) A Short J Pavitt R Coburn

17/04/22 ILB tasked to a broken down Rib drifting off crow pt with 5POB. Vessel was towed to Churchfields slipway.

Crew S McCarthy (Helm) M Rowe R Coburn N Simmons

14/04/22 All weather lifeboat tasked to a 32ft yacht with engine failure and a lone sick skipper.

skipper airlifted to hospital and lifeboat towed yacht into Appledore.

Crew O Atkinson (Cox) G Stanbury (Mech) R Withey N Simmons D Atkinson C Beer

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat

23/03/22 Boarding boat tasked to assist with below service, and recovered their kit from the water.

Crew: O Atkinson L Lo-Vel J Pavitt

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat
23/03/22 Atlantic tasked to 3 paragliders who had to land on a fast covering sandbank due to engine failure, ILB recovered the 3 Gliders and landed them at the station.

Crew: S McCarthy (Helm) R Coburn C Beer

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat
18/03/22 BB was tasked to a dog in the water between Instow and Crow point, after searching the area it was confirmed the dog made shore safe and well further down the beach.

Crew: A Short (Helm) N Cousins R Coburn L Lo-Vel.

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat
03/03/22 ILB was tasked to a 25ft boat drifting towards the Bar. On Investigation, it was a small 14ft boat which was ashore on Westward Ho beach high and dry after breaking from its mooring. ILB Returned to station, as nothing else could be done.

Crew: D Elsemore N Simmons Glyn Stanbury R Withey

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat

01/01/22 BB Was also tasked with extra crew and stretcher if needed.

Crew: M Williams (Helm) N Simmons D Elsemore R Ward

Atlantic 75 Lifeboat

01/01/22 ILB Tasked to a Injured person on the Beach Nr Crow. Crew Administered 1st aid until arrival of Helicopter to evacuate off the beach)

Crew:  A. Short (Helm) A. Hallett R. Coburn C. Chessum



Tamar-class Lifeboat