2021 Shouts: YTD  Total: 40   Plus Stand-downs  (Where crew have been paged, but then not required as Incident has been resolved)   11





 07/09/21 ILB tasked by Coxswain to a 24ft yacht with engine failure close to the ALB which had just returned to its moorings from an Exercise. the yacht with 5 POB and a dog were towed back to Instow beach.

Crew M Williams (Helm) R Coburn M Rowe

06/09/21 Boarding boat tasked to a small boat with 1 adult and 3 children suffered engine failure being taken up river by the tide above the Iron bridge. vessel was located and taken back down river, with casualties being landed ashore.

Crew S McCarthy(Helm) Stu AC M Rowe

05/09/21 ILB Tasked to a swimmer in difficulty nr the Pulley buoy. Casualty was located in the nick of time and landed ashore to a waiting Ambulance.

Crew G Stanbury (Helm) A Short R Coburn A Hallett

04/09/21 All weather boat was also tasked to the incident below, for use of it's Y boat to get past the rocks to the beach to get the casualty.

Crew M Cox (Cox) G stanbury (Mech) A Hallett Stu AC R Coburn

04/09/21 ILB Tasked to a person having fallen down rocks at Westward Ho!, casualty was transferred from the y-class to the ILB to be transferred to Westward Ho! slipway to waiting Ambulance 

Crew N Ayres (Helm) S Ayres M Williams S McCarthy

01/09/21 Boarding boat also tasked to below service to search up river of the bridge.

Crew A Short (Helm) A Chiles R Coburn

01/09/21 ILB tasked to search the River Torridge along with CG teams, Police Helicopter, Fire Brigade from Bideford old bridge down, after clothing was found on the bridge, after a cuople of hours the casualty was found safe and well ashore further down river.

Crew M Williams (Helm) N Simmons C Chessum

28/08/21 Boarding boat tasked to a small boat drifting out the river, but was stood down 15 mins afer launching as owner of the boat had gone to recover it.

Crew S McCarthy (Helm) Glyn Stanbury Stu AC

27/08/21 ILB tasked to 2 Kayakers overdue at Puttsbrough, as ILB neared the scene both Kayakers made shore safe and well. ILB tasked to investigate lights on rocks to the west of Saunton, this was found to be fisherman, so ILB returned to station.

Crew M williams (Helm) S McCarthy C Chessum Nick A

24/08/21 Boarding boat tasked to 2 adults +2 children and a dog stranded on Newquay ridge. All were landed safely back at Appledore Quay.

Crew M williams (Helm) Stu AC R Ward

15/08/21 ILB Tasked to a person on Rocks calling for help at Croyde, while lifeboat was proceeding the casualty was rescued by lifeguards and the lifeboat was then stood down and returned to station.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) R Withey C Chessum A Hallett

14/08/21 All weather lifeboat, Ilfracombe Lifeboat plus helicopter and a Merchant Vessel tasked to a undesignated distress from a yacht off Lundy. Yacht located by the Merchant vessel until arrival of the lifeboat. Vessel with 1 POB had  lifeboat personal  placed aboard and was towed back to Appledore by the lifeboat and placed alongside the Quay

Crew M Cox (Cox) J Pavitt (Mech) S McCarthy M Williams R Coburn D Elsemore A Short

13/08/21 ILB tasked to a broken down rib between Crow and Instow with 4 pob, vessel towed to Church fields slipway.

crew S McCarthy  (Helm) M Williams Glyn Stanbury L Lo-Vel 

12/08/21 ILB tasked to a broken down speedboat with 7 pob nr the Torridge bridge, vessel was towed to Bank end slipway.

Crew A Atkinson (Helm) Glyn Stanbury M Rowe C Beer

20/07/21 ILB tasked to a yacht with 1 POB broken down nr the bar unable to sail as no wind. Vessel towed to Yelland.

Crew N Ayres R Withey C Chessum A Chiles

19/07/21 ILB tasked to a report of flashing Lt off Westward Ho beach, False alarm with good intent(Fisherman in a kayak)

Crew D Elsemore(Helm) M Williams N Simmons 

18/07/21 Boarding boat tasked to 3 females on a paddleboard being taken up river on the incoming tide. Casualties recovered and landed at the lifeboat slip.

Crew G Stanbury (Helm) A Hallett R Coburn

14/07/21 Boarding bank tasked to 7 persons trapped on a sandbank off Appledore quay.  Casualties recovered and landed at churchfields slipway.

Crew S McCarthy R Withey M Rowe

13/07/21 ILB tasked to a missing child at Saunton, while en-route child was found safe and well

Crew S McCarthy (Helm) M Rowe N Simmons C Chessum

12/07/21 ILB While recovering from previous service the ILB was tasked again to 2 Kayaks in difficulty off Crow Pt. Landed back at Appledore.

Crew A Atkinson (Helm) N Simmons M Rowe R Coburn 

12/07/21 ILB Tasked to a small boat adrift off Zeta Berth. 

Crew A Atkinson (Helm) N Simmons M Rowe R Coburn

25/06/21 ILB Tasked to 1 Kayak in difficulty at Barnstaple. False alarm with good intent.

crew S McCarthy (Helm) A Hallett S A Clark R Coburn

16/06/21 ILB Tasked to a person in the water at Instow.

Crew A Short (Helm) J Pavitt N Ayres R Coburn

31/05/21 ILB Tasked to 3 paddleboarders being taken out to sea False Alarm

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) N Ayres S McCarthy

30/05/21 ALB Tasked to a Motor Launch with engine failure NW of Lundy.

Crew O Atkinson (Cox) J Pavitt (Mech) N Simmons M Rowe D Elsemore

30/05/21 ALB While returning back from an Exercise the ALB was flagged down by a yacht with engine failure in the River Torridge. Casualty was towed back to its moorings at Instow.

Crew O Atkinson (Cox) A Short( Mech) N Simmons S Ayres R Withey R Ward D Elsemore

24th April ILB tasked to 2 paddleboarders in Difficulty off Westward Ho!, Casualties landed back at Station.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) M Rowe A Hallett R ward

21st April Boarding Boat launched to a police incident at Bideford.

11th April Boarding Boat Tasked to a female stuck in mud at Greysands, casualty recovered and brought back to station.

Crew G Stanbury (Helm) M Rowe S McCarthy N Simmons

3rd April ILB Tasked to a Surfer in difficulty N End of Saunton, casualty recovered and landed ashore.

Crew S McCarthy (Helm) R Coburn R Ward C Chessum

29th March ILB Tasked to a yacht with a fouled prop with 1POB nr Crow point, towed to Appledore Quay

Crew M Williams (Helm) J Pavitt S McCarthy N Simmons

23rd March Boarding Boat. tasked to a multiagency incident at Barnstaple

17th March Boarding Boat. Tasked to a multiagency  Incident at Barnstaple.

10th March ILB Following a Mayday from a yacht aground in the River Torridge with 1 POB. Vessel located but crew could not do anything as vessel was hard aground. Lifeboat stood by until CG arrived on scene, and the owner could walk ashore.

Crew A Atkinson (Helm) A Short M Rowe R Coburn.

28th Feb ILB Tasked to a 30ft Angling boat with engine failure off the pullies with 5 pob. Vessel towed back to Appledore.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) A Short G Stanbury C Chessum

27th Feb Boarding Boat  Tasked to a multiagency situation at Barnstaple

16th Feb Boarding Boat Tasked to a boat adrift nr the shipyard. boat located and towed to a safe mooring.

Crew M Williams C Chessum H Davis (RNLI Staff)

31st Jan ILB Tasked to a paddleboarder thought to be in trouble off Westward Ho. False alarm with good intent.

Crew A Short (Helm) N Ayres A Hallett M Rowe

  4th Jan ALB Tasked to a medivac at Lundy Island.

Crew M Cox (Cox) O Atkinson (Mech) N Simmons, S McCarthy C Chessum D Atkinson. 




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Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat