2020 Shouts: YTD  Total 3  Plus 3 stand down


 19th April BB launched to search the River Torridge from the station to Bideford quay and back, person soon located safe and well inland.

Crew J pavitt (Helm) M Rowe R Coburn

18th Jan ILB launched to search for a missing person, and to search between Saunton and Baggy Point. search called off after 2 hours with nothing found.

Crew S McCarthy (Helm) N Simmons R Ward D Elsemore

17th Jan ILB tasked to a possible person in the water at Fremington quay. Object was discovered to be a blue can. False alarm with good intent.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) Stu M R Ward M Rowe

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat    00/01/20 TEST 2



Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 00/01/20 TEST

Crew O Atkinson (Helm) J Pavitt S McCarthy  







Tamar-class Lifeboat


Atlantic 75 Lifeboat

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat