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Our inshore lifeboat is the Atlantic-75 class "Douglas Paley". She is the successor of the Atlantic 21 and is 38cm longer overall and 20cm broader than the Atlantic 21. The type name is derived from her length of just under 7 .5m. All Atlantic 75's have a code beginning with "B".

A training session in progress on B-782, the

Her twin 70HP outboard motors give her a maximum speed of 32 knots, making her the fastest lifeboat in the RNLI fleet. These engines are fitted with mercury switches and other equipment that allows the crew to restart the engines after a capsize. The hull design provides a softer ride than her predecessor for the three man crew (and any survivors).

One of the main improvements made to the Atlantic 75 (over the earlier Atlantic 21) is the addition of a ballast tank at the front of the boat which enables the boat to launch into larger surf when filled.


Length Overall 7.5m (24ft 7in)
Length Hull 20ft 3in (6.17m)
Beam 8ft 8in (2.64m)
Weight with Crew 3,200 lbs
Engines 2 x 70HP Modified Evinrudes
Max Speed 32 kts
Crew 3 service



At Appledore the Atlantic is kept indoors at immediate readiness for the next call for assistance or "Shout". Resting on a dolly she can be launched and recovered by a specially designed tractor unit.

B-782 at the readiness for her next shout.