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All Weather Lifeboat ALB "George Gibson "

Tyne class lifeboat, RNLI code 47-027.

The Tyne class lifeboat was the first ‘fast’ slipway lifeboat. It is the RNLI's main slipway launched lifeboat but can also lie afloat. Features include a low-profile wheelhouse and a separate cabin behind the upper steering position. The propellers are protected by substantial bilge keels. The last Tyne was built in 1990 and the class will be gradually replaced by the new Tamar class.

The George Gibson is equipped with twin 425 hp engines and fitted with a range of modern search and rescue aids. She carries 510 gallons of diesel plus 102 gallons in reserve. This will fuel her for about twelve hours at a speed of 18 knots.

The Tyne class boat had the requirement to deploy from slipway stations built for previous generations of lifeboats, with limited clearance. The Tyne also lies afloat at stations where the approaches, or operating areas, are particularly shallow. As the lifeboat propellors are protected by heavy bilge keels, she is particularly well suited to operate where there is a danger of hitting the bottom,(called tapping!).

Length Overall 14.3m or 47 feet
Beam 4.48m or 14ft 8in
Weight 25 tonnes
Engines 2 DDEC V6 diesels
Max Speed 17 kts
Crew 6 (+doctor)
Range 240 nm
Construction Steel

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