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Mike WIlliams

Can anybody shed some light on this please?

For the next 10 days and under Command of Capt P S Berry of the 7th Royal Tank Regiment the men learnt to drive and maintain these amphibious personnel carriers. All this training was completed at Westward Ho under the watchful eye of their instructor Capt R Butler MC RASC. Capt Butler had served with the 11th Royal Tank Regiment on these vehicles during the Rhine crossing and Walcheren in World War Two.

Although totally different than that of driving a Centurion tank the men became quite proficient but not without the initial accident or two occurring. Cpl Saggerson and Sgt Roberts managed on the last of their 10 days training to ram the Appledore lifeboat.

The very next day they were at the airport emplaning for a flight to Malta so never felt the repercussions of the incident.

Steve Lowe (Teeny)

I spoke to Martin the other day about some footage I found from the film Storm Cone that was made in 1956 - I've uploaded it on you tube see

It shows the crew boarding RNLB Violet Armstrong (I think) - If you have further info you would like me to add please feel free to comment on the page, hope you like it...

Great website by the way. Steve Lowe

David Butcher

Thanks for all the practical help you gave us when on holiday. All we needed was the fish!

David Butcher,

Al and Daf Wilson


Interesting and imformative web site, had to have a look after a visit and chat with staff on 6/7/08.

Have always popped down and put my spare change in the hole in the wall whenever we are visiting.

Keep up the sterling work , its nice to know your there.

Mike Williams

Just noted in my earlier post that my email addie was wrong..correct one with this!

Must say the site is beginnig to look very good..Well Done!

Bit about me, well Grandparents were John Williams and Ada (nee Schiller. They lived at 35 Market St. My father was Albert (Albo) Williams, who was a Policeman.

Off course I spent every school holiday at Appledore with my Grandparents, seemingly spending hours in the Seaman's Mission playing snooker and watching teh likes of Grandfer Slade, Tommy Cox and my grandad playing dominos..sad, but then used to make up for it by going out on the Pilot Boat most days with Billy Hooper or my Uncle Ernie (Schiller)..Oh Happy Days!!!!


G'Day to all the Appledore Lifeboat crew, especially Gary, Andy and Jonny, oh and not forgetting Morney...from your family in Australia xxxx Keep up the good work.


Mike Williams

Really impressed with the website and nice to keep up to date with news.
I am related albeit rather distantly to Owen Nile Riorden Smith, who I believe was the first Appledore Cox'n.

Kinsale RNLI Station.

Hello to all at Appledore lifeboat station from all at the Kinsale RNLI Station in Kinsale, Ireland.