Crew, Shore Crew & Officials.

  Below is a list of those currently serving at Appledore RNLI lifeboat station, along with their wide and varied backgrounds. There are many who have served over very many years also that are no longer on the team - we cannot display these at present but hopefully that will be rectified in the future.





Day Job


Boat Crew

  Martin Cox Coxswain /LTC / LAA / ILB Mechanic, Mechanic Full-time Coxswain
  Owen Atkinson Mechanic / 2nd Coxswain/ LAA Full-time Mechanic
  Jeff Pavitt Crew/Mechanic / 2nd Cox/Helm Marine service sales
  Andrew Hallett Crew Highways worker
  Jo Tattersall Crew Self Employed Consualtant
  Andy Short Helm / Mechanic / Navigator Garage Owner Mechanic
  Rob Ward Crew Electrician (Alarms)
  Simon McCarthy Crew / Navigator Angling Shop Assistant
  Steve Watts Crew / Navigator/ Mechanic Self Employed Electrician
  James Atkinson Crew Shipyard Welder
  Andrew Atkinson Helm / 2nd Cox Shipyard design Engineer
  Mark Williams Crew / Helm / Mechanic RNLI area technician
  Gary Stanbury Helm / Mechanic/2nd Cox/LAA Charter Skipper
  Nick Ayres Helm / Mechanic Mobile Fitter (Plant)
  stuart Arnett Clark Crew / Mechanic Tree Surgeon
  Sam Ayres Crew/ Navigator Bar Person
  Stuart Moles Crew /Mechanic self employed Energy Consultant
  David Atkinson Crew Shipyard marine Fitter
  Paul Atkinson Crew Supermarket supervisor
  Del Elsemore Crew Auto electronic's technician
  Glyn Stanbury Crew Machine Operator
  Ross Coburn Crew Car salesman
  Chris Beer Crew Self Employed Electrician

Nick Cousins

Crew Self Employed Kitchen Fitter

Shore Crew

  Gary Hulme Head Launcher Helicopter Groundsman
  Clive Leonard Shore Crew Mechanic
  Adam Williams Shore Crew Machine Operator
  Nat Simmons Shorecrew  
  Rich Whithey Shorecrew Electrican
  Andrew Chiles Shorecrew Paramedic
  Jen Musgrove Shorecrew Nurse
  Matt Rowe Shorecrew Civil Servant
  Colin Gane Shorecrew Retired

Operations Team

  Tony Merrill Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM) Retired Consultant
  David Barnard Deputy Launch Authority (DLA) Retired
  Graham Stone Deputy Launch Authority (DLA) Pub Landlord
  Rev Andrew Littlejohn Deputy Launch Authority (DLA) Retired Minister
  Nikki Tait DLA / Lifeboat Press Officer (LPO) IT Consultant
  Nigel Batley Deputy Launching Authority (DLA) Retired
  David Foster Deputy Launching Authority (DLA) Consultant
  Mike Weston Deputy Launching Authority (DLA) Master Mariner